Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

There are three types of motorcycle road trips...  some are all about the ride and the things you see along the way.  Some are all about the destination and the great things you experience when you finally get there.   And some are all about the people you meet, the folks you encounter along the way. Our road trip to Eureka Springs, Arkansas over the weekend captured all three... what a great two days!

We are explorers of days gone by… and can’t resist stopping to check out old buildings and houses that are falling apart.  This house had newspapers from the 1940’s inside it. 

We checked out an old well and some rock walls. Who knows how long the old house has been empty, 
but your mind runs wild wondering about who once lived there.  

We stopped to get gas in Winslow, Arkansas...  and started up a conversation with a local.  He gave us directions and checked out our GPS.  His face lit up as he told us about getting a couple of his fingers cut off his left hand during World War II while working on an airplane.  

He said his dog Lucky... was dumped off on his property about 11 years ago, and has been the best dog he’s ever had. 


We rode through Devil's Den State Park… people were hiking, riding bicycles, camping, and enjoying themselves on paddle boats.  The park was was lush and green and beautiful.

We arrived in Eureka Springs…  Such a quaint and eclectic town!

We checked into the Grand Central Hotel...

We walked around Eureka to check things out... having been to Eureka Springs several times before, it was nice to see there are lots of new shops and restaurants that have opened up.  It was also fun to see the usual amount of strange and unusual.  

Like this car... check out the hood ornament!


We stopped by Cliff's favorite Eureka Store... 

Mitchell's Folley Antiques and Fine Art.

We came upon a hand made jewelry store...  Fusion Squared that we loved.  We met the artist, John Reinhart, who makes all the fused glass pieces for his jewelry collection... what  nice guy!  

There were so many cool things to choose from... it took us a long time, but we finally picked out a heart shaped necklace.  

The fused glass heart necklace Cliff gave me.

Later that evening... we had dinner at Ermilio's Italian Restaurant... delish!


The next day... we stopped to have lunch in Springdale at the World Famous AQ Chicken House.   I now understand why it is world famous... the food was great!   But the best part, (aside from taking Cliff's picture with a giant chicken) was meeting two ladies who have lived their whole life in Springdale.   They seemed to know everyone who passed by.  They were wished a Happy Mother's Day by just about everyone in the packed restaurant.


Drewscilla and Marscilla - the twins we met on Mother's Day.
Two very sweet ladies!


Allen said...

That's awesome!! Your pictures are great!

Lisa said...

Randi, I want to trade lives with you for just one weekend!

Bradlee said...

You are having too much fun!

Melissa said...

Luv the blog! Great job on it. We are getting ready to go to Eureka in June for the bluesfest. Too bad my husband rides a sportbike or I could be following in your shoes. Rode on the back of sports bike, not the same as a cruiser!

Sandra said...

Beautiful pictures! Eureka is a great place to spend the weekend. I would say Lucky is a lucky dog to find the man who took him in.

Lance said...

I just discovered your blog and sent it to my wife. I have been trying to get her to ride with me for years. Maybe she will see your pics and want to now. You two are very lucky that you both like to ride and found each other! RIDE HARD! ;)

Jace said...

This blog has inspired me! I don't have a bike or anyone to ride with, but I am going to get out to see cool stuff and meet people. I love this blog!!!!!!!

Randi said...

Awwww... thanks for all the nice comments everyone!

MeanSportster said...

The weekend is here and it has been a while since you have put up a new blog posting! Are you going anywhere? I can't wait to read the newest tales. YOUR BLOG IS GREAT!!