Sunday, January 16, 2011

December Toy Run

It was a REALLY cold day...  last month when we rode in the annual Toy Run!  We had some friends come over for breakfast, loaded up some toys on the back of the bikes, and road as a pack to the fairgrounds.  We lined up with 10,000 other bikers and road to the River Spirit Casino to drop off the toys. 

It doesn't matter how cold it is when you are riding for charity...  so bundle up and check out these pics!

Dennis, Cliff, Swad and Chris have cinnamon rolls before freezing on the road!

Inside the Pavilion, the only warm place around, I got to hold a baby kangaroo!  Sweetest baby ever.

I love this dog in his goggles and sidecar.  
He participates in the Toy Run every year.

Truck loads of toys were collected for Toys for Tots so kids all over town could have a Merry Christmas.